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Veils of Verdandi

Veils of Verdandi is a cooperative board game in which 1 to 3 players venture forth on a heroic quest for the king: to rescue prince Ture from the dangers and mysteries of the Dark Forest.

Veils of Verdandi uses easy to learn game mechanics and an intuitive combat system, which allows younger players to understand and begin playing the game quickly, while offering enough variety to keep even the seasoned players of adventure games satisfied.
The game furthermore uses a system of paragraphs which players may read aloud to each other, detailing the many strange and magical places the Dark Forest has to offer.

The game is to first in a trilogy. In the first game, players travel through a Dark Forest, based largely on Western European mythology and fairy tales.

In the second installment of the game, players will travel into a vast and shadowy mountain range, inspired by Slavic mythology, where such dire foes as the Vampire, the Werewolf, and other dark and dreadful creatures born of mist and moonlight await.

In the third installment of the game, players will enter a world of Greek mythology, a world of warmth and sunlight, of glittering seas and mystical islands, and strange and powerful creatures rising from Atlantean depths.